"I love the pink and turquoise green cloths. The are great as facecloths. Not scratchy like our old ones"

        Spoken like a true ambassador :D.

Hate your dishcloths no more!

I used to HATE the dishcloths we would buy from the supermarkets. I hated how they felt, I hated how they looked, I hated that I was constantly buying new ones and that I was adding more synthetic rubbish to the landfills. Over the years I had tried every type of dishcloth I could find. 

It was only when we were visiting my husband's family in Europe, that I discovered these gorgeous dishcloths made from 100% cotton. Not only did they FEEL generous and substantial in hand, the colours alone made me smile.  

That was two years ago and I haven't looked back. While I still have those originals cloths, I have to admit, I have bought more because I just can't resist all the gorgeous colours! 

These are our original cloths that we have been using now for two years.

Vask = 'Wash" in Danish. Eco-Wash

Introducing Max

Hola! I am a year 10 student and next year I am hoping to travel to Nepal with my school and World Challenge. Over a period of three weeks we will learn about the people, culture, and environment. We will spend time exploring the Himalayas and living in a village volunteering in the community. 

Rather than selling chocolate (although who doesn't need more chocolate), Mum and Dad have put together this website so I can earn my way to Nepal with proceeds going towards my fund raising efforts.  Thanks for your support :D



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